Do You Have the Right Size of Dollhouse Furniture? Let’s Explore Your Options

Is Inch Scale the right size for my dollhouse?

Manufacturers use scales to help you make sure you are buying the right sized items for your dollhouse. All furniture is built on a 1 inch scale unless you see ½ inch or ¼ inch in the title of the item.

Dollhouse scales show how many inches of correspond to a foot, or 12 inches, of real life. Every inch of dollhouse furniture is equivalent to twelve inches of real furniture. For example, a dollhouse tub 5 inches long is built to represent a 5 foot real tub. In other scales, such as half inch and quarter inch, less than an inch represents a foot of real furniture.

For example, a dollhouse dresser that is 4 inches tall represents a 4 foot tall real dresser. There are other scales, but they are less popular and common

Picking Dollhouse Metal

Quality furniture does not always have to be made out of wood; there are many great pieces that would not be available if not for some great metal craftsmen. Barbecues are an excellent demonstration of fun metalworking in this hobby; I mean what doll could resist getting the ol’ burgers on the grill. Outdoors is not the only place to find metal material for a dollhouse, you will also see it in the electrical work, and laundry room.


Victorian is the classic choice for your dollhouse. This style characterizes the Victorian era which was known for beautiful curving patterns, and highly detailed craftsmanship especially found in the furniture legs. It is no wonder why Victorian dollhouse furniture is the best choice and top seller, it truly is just fun to design, play with, and coordinate Victorian miniatures.


Green is not usually thought of as an option, but it has some great qualities for your dollhouse. Green dollhouse furniture is the colorful choice for many fun pieces of miniatures. There are more green furniture options than you might think and they come in a variety of sets, rooms, and designs.

Is Half Inch the right size?

Scales are a way for you to know that the furniture you are buying will fit your dollhouse. Unless the title of the furniture item tells you it is ½ inch or ¼ inch, the item is built on a 1 inch scale.

This item is built on a half inch, or 1:24 inch, scale. This means that half an inch of dollhouse furniture represents a foot of furniture. For example, a dollhouse dresser that is 2 inches tall represents a 4 foot tall real dresser. In other scales, such as 1 inch and quarter inch, different sizes would represent that same dresser.

To figure out which scale your dollhouse uses, figure out the height from floor to ceiling of one level of your miniatures. If your doll’s houses uses a 1 inch scale, the height should be between 8 and 12 inches. Heights between 4-6 inches indicate a half inch scale; heights between 2-3 inches indicate a quarter inch scale.

Unfinished Kits

If you want the same pleasures and choices from your furniture that you got by building your own dollhouse, you will want to consider unfinished furniture and miniatures. Unfinished furniture include pre-assembled items that you can decorate however you choose. Furniture kits are unassembled, but once you put them together they will appear as they do in the picture.


Your beautiful items will be even more fascinating when you put some furniture items around the outside areas. Items such as patio furniture and porch swings distinguish your dollhouse from typical ones, and show the pride in details you take. Plus, these items give you one more reason to admire the outside of your dollhouse as much as the inside

Modern Furniture – Exuding Progression and Pace

Modern furniture makes home interiors look sophisticated and sleek. The trend is to innovate and come across with furniture items which exude the sense of progression and pace. It lays stress on multi-tasking, comfort and practicality. Personalization is the most defining aspect of modern furnishing.

When you think of dolling up your home interiors, furniture is an indispensable part of the exercise. Trendy furniture, matching your sense of aesthetics, makes home a much better place to live. It makes it imperative for us to select the right furniture to bedeck our homes. Well appointed contemporary furniture creates congruous atmosphere in our place of abode, making our living delightful. It helps us live comfortably, in style.

Modern furniture is all about new, visually light innovative furniture made of light materials with unconventional looks. The polished material creates an atmosphere of sophistication and sleekness, exuding the sense of progression and pace. You have to arrange your furniture according to a basic theme and then stylize the place suiting the theme. Everything is integrated into the theme before decorating it in a pattern. Paints of your home as well as other forms of upholstering materials should be in sync with the furniture.

Basic concept of contemporary furniture is not only to beautify the house with fine furnishing but also to personalize it. This objective is attained while staying true to the innovative shapes and styles. It is the most most defining aspect of modern furnishing. Unlike earlier furniture which was monotonous in shape and design, modern furniture experiments a lot. It is much more than a piece of art. The designs no longer belong to a single school of thought. Innovations can be seen in various types of furniture like differently shaped mirrors, shoe racks, coat racks, console tables. It can also be seen in the way people decorate the hallway or the entryway of the homes. Some of the geometrical patterns being used in home furnishing are quite tasteful.

Color pattern has also changed in contemporary furniture. Bold or bright color furniture can satisfy the taste bud of those who want futuristic and outlandish designs. People who like to keep things simple and sober can have sleek furniture in classic black or white. Vibrant and gentle shades of colors give the feeling of absolute transparency in the space. Strong and vivid colors signify the hectic city life. Vibrant colors eliminate any hint of boredom in the space. Dark colors with heavy textures denote the aristocratic theme.

‘Less is more’ is the buzzword for contemporary furniture. In today’s world where living space is shrinking, modern living furniture blends space with ambiance. The shrinking space has led to the invention of convertibles which make your furniture a multi-tasker – desk can turn into a bed, shelf into table, sofas can serve as beds and also provide storage space. Contemporary furniture is light, more convenient and fits in easily in smaller houses. Smart and compact kitchen is the result of modern furnishing.

Modern furniture has been experimental when it comes to material as well. Apart from traditional wooden furniture, you can get furniture items in a variety of materials such as steel, plywood, leather and plastics. Objective of furniture designers is to make sleek products which fit into less space and are useful as well. Modern furniture tends to include more than the furniture itself. It includes unique home accessories such as lava lamps, electric fondue pots, cocktail shakers, and plastic wall clocks etc.

Furniture brands such as Innovation, McGuire, Karges and John Widdocomb are know across the world for the sheer quality of their products. Innovation products such as Supremax Deluxe sofa beds, storage beds, chests etc. offer comfort, strength and practicality.

Cleaning Procedures for Different Wooden Home Furniture

Wood furniture can be painted, polished or oiled. How you clean your furniture depends on the variety of wood it is made up of. For example, some types of wood are lightly lacquered and do not absorb oil, while others like rosewood and teak do not have any finish and can be handled with annual oil application.

Let us see how you can clean different types of wood home furniture be it wooden beds, almirah, sofa set or cabinets:

Painted Wood
Excessive rubbing and cleaning can damage the decor, colour and finish of furniture. If your wooden beds and other furniture pieces are of painted wood, least care and maintenance is needed for them round the year. You can clean your painted wooden almirah and other furniture regularly with the help of a brush. Wiping occasionally with sponge can help in removing finger marks and smudges. If you feel the need of wax, use of hard paste wax once in a year can serve the purpose.

Oiled Wood
Oiled wood furniture has a soft, warm glow which requires only occasional oil application. For example, if you oil your wooden sofa set once in a year, it will retain the shine for a long time to come. It is important to note that you should never wax an oiled wooden surface. Wax can block the pores making the wood dry and brittle. If there are white spots on your oiled wooden furniture, rub them with tooth paste spread on a soft cloth. You can also use oil and a mild abrasive to rub those white spots. Such abrasives may be pumice, baking soda, salt or ash. The oils that you can use may be cooking oil, olive oil and petroleum jelly.

Polished Wood
Polished wooden furniture pieces are usually finished with wax, lacquer or varnish. Any wood polish can clean a wooden surface quickly. You have to choose the one which is appropriate for the kind of finish done on your wooden furniture. For example, wax in paste form gives a long lasting finish to the furniture, as compared to liquid or spray polish. This kind of finishing is usually recommended for antique wooden pieces.

Always wear cotton gloves while waxing the furniture, as this will not leave any fingerprints on the surface. Sprinkle some corn starch on the recently polished wood surface, and rub it for better gloss. Corn starch absorbs the excess wax or oil from the surface, leaving a glistening wooden surface free from any fingerprints. If there are white spots or rings on your wooden sofa set, you can apply mayonnaise, allow it to sit for around 60 minutes, wipe it off with a cloth and then polish. All these are terrific techniques to keep your wooden furniture glowing like new.

Specialty Wood
Specialty woods can be bamboo, rush, cane, rattan, wicker etc. These woods have natural finish, but some of them may have shellac or varnish coating. You need to vacuum them regularly with a brush attachment.

With all these steps, you can keep your home furniture as shiny as new.