Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold

There is rarely a home anywhere in the world that does not have a garage. This is due to the increasing number of cars that people own. Some households own up to three cars. This means that it is vital that they have somewhere safe and secure to store their vehicle or vehicles. The garage is the best place for this. The piece of equipment that ensures that your garage is safe is the door.

There are a wide variety of different materials available to have your garage door constructed from. You can have it made from steel, wood or even aluminum. They are all effective but all require some sort of seal to fill in the garage door threshold. Here is some information on the various types of garage door available. The material used will determine the type of threshold seal that you require.

Wood is probably one of the oldest and most used materials. It certainly has a great deal of charm and is still preferred by many over the more modern metals and plastics of the modern world. They feel that the wood gives a character that the other materials just cannot deliver. Garage door insulation is essential with wooden doors, as you cannot allow any water to get in to penetrate the wood. You must have a high quality threshold sealant to help prevent rotting and severe damage to your door. The great thing about using wood though is that if it does endure wear and tear over the years it can be reconditioned without the need to replace the entire door.

The most used type of door however is the steel door. You will see this one on most garages across America. Steel is extremely strong and robust, and is impervious to rust. This gives you great peace of mind that the door will last for many years to come. Even though steel is extremely strong, the threshold still requires to be sealed properly. In parts of the country that constantly suffer from hurricanes, you will often see a storm shield garage door threshold seal fitted. These are extra strong and can withstand even the most extreme of weather conditions. Vital if you are located in a hurricane zone.

Some may even opt for the lighter weight fiberglass composite garage door. These are less common as they do not provide the level of security that the previous two do. They can be lower in cost though. Whichever of the options you opt for you must ensure that you install a good quality garage door threshold seal. This is key is providing you with a weather proof and secure garage.